Embracing change is good. If you remain true to yourself.

We are proud of our history and past achievements. But we’re equally excited by what lies ahead. We are combining our heritage with the future – and synthesising the best of yesterday with the best of tomorrow. That’s the only way to create innovative products that are Grundig through and through.

More than 70 years – and we’re just getting started!

Grundig Intermedia GmbH’s roots lie in the traditional German company, Grundig, which was founded in 1945 and achieved world fame with its radios and televisions. In 2007 Grundig Intermedia GmbH was acquired by Arçelik, the white goods manufacturer of a leading Fortune 200 conglomerate, Koç Holding.


Grundig is one of the world’s leading providers of products in the areas of entertainment electronics, small electrical appliances and major home appliances. By expanding its product portfolio to the white goods sector, the brand became Europe’s only full-range consumer electronics brand in 2013.


The company’s head office is located in Nuremberg and has a current workforce of 140 employees, working in the areas of Sales, Marketing, Industrial Design, Quality and Product Management, Technology and Customer Service. Moreover, there are 1,600 employees working for Grundig in more than 65 countries.


Since 2011, Grundig has been the first official technology partner of the German Football League and in 2013 the brand acquired the naming right for the Nuremberg Stadium.


YEARS 1945-1954

1945: Immediately after the war, Germany was in ruins. This was also true for many radios. Since new production was out of the question, the demand for repair work was very great. Radio dealer Max Grundig recognised the signs of the times and built the first two Grundig appliances: the Tubatest tube tester and the Novatest testing device.



YEARS 1955-1964

1955: The Music Cabinet 7080 W/3 D is also in a 50s design, and is nicknamed "leaning Max" because of its slanted feet. Two doors open the radio and record part, and a 10-record changer is, of course, part of the package.



YEARS 1965-1974

1965: The second overseas factory is established in Braga, Portugal.

The Satellit 205 is one of many appliances in the Satellit series. This product marks the beginning of Grundig production of high-quality global receivers.

The Cassette Recorder C 100 is the first cassette tape recorder made by Grundig. Recording takes place with the DC International System, on cassettes with the dimensions 120 x 77 x 12 mm.

The Car Cassette Tape Player AC 50 brings cassettes into cars.



YEARS 1975-1984

1975: The Compact System Studio 3000 comes onto the market: a hi-fi stereo control unit, record player and stereo cassette recorder all in one.



YEARS 1985-1994

1985: The innovative ATTS-System (Auto Tape Time Select) is introduced for the newest generation of video recorders for real-time display of the tape position.

A satellite TV receiver is presented for the first time at the International Radio and Television Exhibition, which enables direct reception from television satellites.



YEARS 1995-2004

1995: Grundig becomes the first manufacturer to supply reception units which comply with the European DVB standard (Digital Video Broadcasting) and carries out a field trial with them. The digital TV receivers (Set Top boxes) are for the Multimedia Project Bavaria.

The TV Greenville has a housing made of 100% recycled material.

Grundig's revolutionary new sound system is called Space Fidelity. It creates optimum musical enjoyment with 3-D sound, regardless of the position of the person listening.

The new CTV series is equipped with interactive user guidance. The so-called Easy Dialog system contains a complete operating manual with user guidance. This means that an operating manual in printed form is no longer necessary.




2005: Grundig launches the Ovation CDS 7000 DEC, a new model in the Magic Fidelity range. Grundig builds on the success of the award-winning "Ovation I" and offers a new, unique design, more volume for even better sound, a USB port and many additional technical features. 

The MPixx VP 6200/30GB is top of a wide range of personal media players that Grundig will be gradually launching, starting with the Internationale Funkausstellung. This hand-sized technological masterpiece has a 3.5" TFT LCD display, a photo and video camera, a 30 GB hard disc for data, MP3 or many hours of film material, an FM radio, TV output and input, and a built-in stereo speaker. In short: a home entertainment system, camera and hard disc for your pocket.

Step into the future. Vision II 

This design family stands out in elegant black. It has also been internationally acknowledged in one of the most important design competitions by winning the red dot award from the renowned Design Centre in North Rhine-Westphalia.