Embracing change is good. If you remain true to yourself.

We are proud of our history and past achievements. But we’re equally excited by what lies ahead. We are combining our heritage with the future – and synthesising the best of yesterday with the best of tomorrow. That’s the only way to create innovative products that are Grundig through and through.

Years 1995-2004







1995: Grundig becomes the first manufacturer to supply reception units which comply with the European DVB standard (Digital Video Broadcasting) and carries out a field trial with them. The digital TV receivers (Set Top boxes) are for the Multimedia Project Bavaria.

The TV Greenville has a housing made of 100% recycled material.

Grundig's revolutionary new sound system is called Space Fidelity. It creates optimum musical enjoyment with 3-D sound, regardless of the position of the person listening.

The new CTV series is equipped with interactive user guidance. The so-called Easy Dialog system contains a complete operating manual with user guidance. This means that an operating manual in printed form is no longer necessary.





1996: The smallest satellite receiver in the world, STR 100 microSAT measures only 12 x 22 x 5 centimetres. This means that it can be placed behind a TV set or in the cabinet.

The digital dictation machine GDV 4030 makes it possible to record dictation without a tape and without a cassette. Up to 20 minutes can be saved on an exchangeable PC card.



The Planatron Flat Screen TV set can be hung on the wall as easily as a picture. As well as functioning as a television, the appliance can be used for multimedia applications. The high picture and sound quality, outstanding colour brilliance, along with a flicker-free picture and excellent detail definition make the Planatron hard to resist.






1997: Philips pulls out of its involvement with Grundig.

With the Internet box WB1, Grundig takes the next step to the Internet. It enables users to access the World Wide Web via their TV sets.






1998: After intensive research and development work as well as successful pilot projects, the first DAB receiver is ready for large-scale production. With the DCR 200 DAB, digital radio has a high profile on the German market.

Grundig presents new voice recognition software called VoiceOffice mobil.







1999: The second generation of the flat-screen Planatron goes into series production. A new feature is the integration of the electronic components into the panel.

Grundig presents a product range on the International Radio and Television Exhibition which is over 75% new.

It might only be big as a cigarette packet, but it's still a technical revolution. With the MPaxx MP3 player you can quickly and easily download music from the Internet and then store it on multimedia cards. Grundig is one of the leaders in MP3 players and recognised the huge potential in this new technology at an early stage.

The high-quality Audio/Video Fine Arts system had won several design awards even before its official launch onto the market.













2000: In February, Grundig presents Internet products and activities at the CeBit 2000 in Hanover. Hot topics are the new Internet channel "events today", music out of the Internet and CD/DVD jukeboxes.

Celebration at Grundig in Wales: the millionth digital Set Top box leaves the factory in March.

Grundig brings the new MP3 player MP 150 to the market. The time taken to load MP3 files is reduced to a minimum, using MultiMediaCards from Infineon Technologies (one song takes about 24 seconds).

At the end of June the company headquarters moves from Fürth to Nuremberg-Langwasser. Grundig invested over 50 million marks in new buildings and infrastructure. The site of the former headquarters in the Kurgartenstrasse in Fürth becomes a technology park, in which future-oriented companies can find a home.

On the 3rd of July, the 500,000th unit of the successful Sydney TV set series is manufactured.

Grundig adds its first television with back projection technology to its range by launching the Accoro

Grundig opens up a whole new world of television viewing with the Selexx personal digital recorder. The device combines the features of a digital satellite receivers with those of a digital video recorder.








2001: Grundig continues its digital offensive with the new Digi 100. The Digi 100 concept, launched with the Elegance product range, is easier and more comfortable to use and can later be upgraded with future digital technology. 

With more than 40 new products, Grundig is present at the World of Consumer Electronics exhibition ( IFA ) from 25 August to 2 September. The most important consumer electronics exhibition is especially significant for the company this year - by launching the first products of the new InterMedia System, Grundig takes its first steps into the future of multi-media infotainment.

The Lenaro series of televisions sets new standards in home infotainment. Top-class technology, sophisticated design, interaction and modularity turn the InterMedia concept into reality. 

The company's own Xenaro DVD series provides optimum home cinema entertainment. The series of DVD players - from the basic Xenaro GDP 5100 model to the top-of-the-range Xenaro GDP 6150 - guarantees the highest video and audio quality. 

In the field of vision receiving, Grundig presents the third generation of the Plasma television at the IFA - the Fine Arts PlanaVision with its built-in DVD player, characterised by its innovative sound concept, elegant design and high picture quality.







2002: In February Grundig successfully launches P@rtnerWeb, a modern business-to-business (B2B) platform. The dealer portal, which Grundig itself has developed, improves communication between dealers, customer service and the company, and opens up new opportunities for successful co-operation.

The Grundig Car InterMedia System, with its innovative car hi-fi, car navigation and digital radio systems is presented for the first time at the Geneva Autosalon from March 7 to 17.

Grundig expands its high-quality product portfolio with the new cordless DECT telephones, including the very elegant Calios range. 

Wireless audio and video transmission throughout the house - with this objective, Grundig develops a technically sophisticated range of LCD displays with an attractive design, entering the growing LCD television market with the Tharus 38 LCD.







2003: Grundig's new Selio PDR 5200 S CI HDD receiver combines the functions of a digital satellite receiver with those of a digital video recorder. This is made possible by a hard disc with a 40 gigabyte capacity which is integrated into the recording device and can make recordings of up to 24 hours.

An elegant design and innovative technology are features of both the new Grundig RCD 2000 sound system and the Apollo 2000 active loudspeakers. Additional loudspeakers can extend the system to several rooms as you require. All hi-fi components communicate with one another without wires (high frequency).

April 2003 Rapidly increasing production costs, extreme price confusion in the European market and fierce pressure from the competition all force Grundig AG to file for insolvency proceedings. Nevertheless, business remains secure thanks to the employees, who – despite the difficult situation – excelled in their commitment by reaching targets which far exceeded those originally planned by the administrators.










2004: Grundig unveils a jewel in its crown with the OVATION CDS 6380 S hi-fi micro system. The design and state-of-the-art technology of this CD unit gives an extraordinary sound experience to those who want the best in terms of design, performance and convenience. The Magic Fidelity sound system, developed and patented by Grundig, guarantees optimum performance and excellent sound with the lowest volume possible and a special speaker alignment.


This exclusive and award-winning design with ultra-flat housing and powerful sound due to the unique Magic Fidelity system are particular distinguishing features of the Tharus range – the perfect equipment for a fascinating TV and home cinema experience. The rating of Grundig's LCD TV Tharus 51 in the May issue of the specialist magazine "video" substantiates this: the expert testers describe the Tharus 51 as "the best LCD TV in all classes" from a total of 148 LCD devices in the test.

This model was also awarded with two renowned design prizes. Despite all the technology and numerous connection options, operating the device is easy. With its clearly-defined design it is an elegant and sophisticated statement in a modern living ambience.



Large-format  plasma TVs are ornaments for every living room and are a pleasure to look at. With the Tharus 110, Grundig presents an extremely flat plasma TV with a screen size of 106 cm, instantly turning your living room into a cinema. Crisp, sharp pictures, stunning colours, depth of focus and fascinating sound thanks to the Magic Fidelity system all help make television an exciting and unforgettable experience.




The Vision 76 designer LCD TV boasts an exclusive fine-art look with a 76 cm display. Not only its aesthetic qualities but also its high technical standards distinguish it from anything you've seen before. As well as this it has impressively bright, sharp pictures for fascinating new dimensions.

Intensive discussions with investors and exploratory talks were successful. Two experienced partners were found in the British sales company Alba and the Turkish electronics manufacturer Beko who could not only strengthen but also significantly expand the huge potential of the brand in the home entertainment market.

On May 1st 2004, Grundig Intermedia GmbH opened for business. The company is based in Nuremberg. The very promising future of the Home Intermedia System division of Grundig AG was saved after intensive negotiations. This particularly included the classic sectors of home entertainment, research and development and service activities. The motto is now Back to our old strengths. Fortunately the other sectors in the long-established company also survived insolvency and carry on the Grundig name with:

Delphi Grundig Grundig Car InterMedia System GmbH

GSS   Grundig SAT Systems GmbH

GBS   Grundig Business Systems GmbH