Embracing change is good. If you remain true to yourself.

We are proud of our history and past achievements. But we’re equally excited by what lies ahead. We are combining our heritage with the future – and synthesising the best of yesterday with the best of tomorrow. That’s the only way to create innovative products that are Grundig through and through.

Years 2005-Heute






2005: Grundig launches the Ovation CDS 7000 DEC, a new model in the Magic Fidelity range. Grundig builds on the success of the award-winning "Ovation I" and offers a new, unique design, more volume for even better sound, a USB port and many additional technical features.


The MPixx VP 6200/30GB is top of a wide range of personal media players that Grundig will be gradually launching, starting with the Internationale Funkausstellung. This hand-sized technological masterpiece has a 3.5" TFT LCD display, a photo and video camera, a 30 GB hard disc for data, MP3 or many hours of film material, an FM radio, TV output and input, and a built-in stereo speaker. In short: a home entertainment system, camera and hard disc for your pocket.


Step into the future. Vision II
This design family stands out in elegant black. It has also been internationally acknowledged in one of the most important design competitions by winning the red dot award from the renowned Design Centre in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Grundig – made for you.
Grundig is one of the most well-known brands in Europe. Its recognition factor lies at a unique 98% in Germany alone. This is just one of the reasons for the extremely positive development we have experienced in the last twelve months. With “Grundig – made for you”, the company employs a statement that revives positive memories while communicating the central message: the customer’s requirements and wishes are our main focus – in technology, design and service. Increasing sales, doubling our market share and a rising growth rate marked the first year after the new beginning.

At Cebit 2005, Grundig mobile is presented in public for the first time. This is the new name of innovative multi-media communication devices and it launches six new mobile telephones.
Grundig mobile aims at supplying attractive offers, based on customer needs in the mobile phone market. At the same time, Grundig Intermedia GmbH expands its product range into the personal care
market. Grundig not only offers traditional consumer electronics goods, but also small appliances for personal care.

September 2005
Grundig returns to the Internationalen Funkausstellung (IFA) with a wide and attractive range of products. The most prestigious consumer electronics trade-fair clearly stands for innovative technology. In addition to the new range of plasma TVs and an expanded and unrivalled LCD range, Grundig presents a real world-premiere in Berlin: 3D real-time TV, recorded live, broadcast live and without cumbersome glasses.

30 September 2005
Grundig opens a new logistics and dispatching centre in Nuremberg. The old factory 21 at company headquarters was expanded into a highly modern and completely automated warehouse covering 21,000 square metres. All central European countries are supplied from here quickly, efficiently and with the usual reliability.

14 November 2005
The world of Grundig expands again. This very pleasing business development makes it possible and necessary to set up an independent Grundig Intermedia company in Vienna. The company hopes to expand further in Austria and above all to improve support to its partners in that country.










Right on time for the World Consumer Electronics exhibition 2006, Grundig introduces the HD Evolution with technology that causes a revolution in the television market. The new HD Evolution series sets a milestone in terms of picture sharpness and contrast. Top models, such as the FineArts 37 LXW with the unique Digital Reference Plus II (DIGI 200) technology, provide brilliant pictures in minute detail to make fascinating viewing. Grundig is the first and only company to use this technology which enabled it to take a step ahead of the competition.



The Grundig GDR 5550 HDD is an example of the outstanding new technical and optical generation of hard disc recorders. It combines existing recording quality with user convenience. The integrated time shift function provides delayed television viewing. The DR 5550 HDD also lets you easily make videos on DVDs with chapters and a menu.
All these features make it a unique representative of its type.


The 360º PSW 5000 surround system is not just an eye-catcher. It also gives listeners “good vibrations” without a cord, inside and out. The 20 watt audio power and a loudspeaker unit with a 2-way loudspeaker ensure excellent sound quality. CD portables or an MP3 player can be connected via a line input to give you music from different sources. In short: a variety of ways to create an excellent sound.


“Music any time, any place”. This is the motto of the MP3 player from Grundig. In the same league, the MPixx VP 1000/1GB provides excellent sound and picture quality by Grundig and can also be used just about anywhere. These small, light highlights of our product range help make everyday life more pleasant. The MPixx VP 1000/1GB stops you getting bored with its 1GB memory and a USB connection. Your favourite music can be individually downloaded free of charge to the Grundig MP3 portal.


The future of television is digital, and offers the right programmes for every viewer. The DSR 1650 Micro can receive up to 2000 unencoded TV and radio programmes – all that, at a size of just 10 x 2.5 x 7.5 cm. Just plug the tiny unit into the SCART socket. Simple and smart, into the future.


August 2006: Hans-Peter Haase takes over as Managing Director from Hubert Roth. In his new position, Haase pursues some ambitious goals. “Grundig should be among the top brands in Europe”, says Haase.


October 2006: “Back to the future” for Grundig. Grundig has its own production line once again from 26th October 2006. A total of 140 specially selected and trained employees work on the Grundig production line at Beko and are a “factory within a factory”. This ensures a better standard of quality for Grundig products – true to the motto: “Quality before quantity”.








March 2007 Full HD is one of the most important sales arguments when it comes to televisions, and this technology has reached perfection in the Fine Arts 42 (LXW 110-9650 FHD) and Tharus 37 (LXW 94-9745 FHD) sets. These outstanding models have already won numerous awards.

IFA 2007
You used to need a PC if you wanted to enjoy the variety of internet radio, but not any more – thanks to the Ovation 2 i. The Ovation 2 i with its unique Magic Fidelity sound system only needs to be registered in your domestic LAN or WLAN network to connect to the internet and countless radio stations. Naturally, you can use the Ovation 2i to listen to music stored on your PC via audio streaming in Magic Fidelity quality.

The GDP 7700 designer DVD player impresses with its compact size, elegant design and outstanding technology.

Lenaro 37 – the first Grundig LCD TV with 100 Hertz technology. It also features Motion Picture Improvement for natural movements and the Magic Fidelity sound system.


December 2007
Launch of the new Vision LCD TV range: the Vision 6 32 and 37 HD ready sets are a perfect symbiosis between attractive design and sophisticated technology with a built-in DVB-T tuner. They are available in black or white – and have already won the IF Design Award.





January 08 At the beginning of the year, Turkey's Koç Holding took full ownership of Grundig Multimedia B.V., the parent company of Grundig Intermedia GmbH in Nuremberg. Previously, 50% of the shares were owned by the British company Alba Radio Ltd. and the Koç subsidiary Beko Electronic A.S. In doing this, the Koç Group, one of the world's 200 largest corporations, showed that following its successful consolidation, Grundig Intermedia GmbH can be expected to achieve further positive progress. The company's headquarters will remain in Nuremberg.

Grundig Intermedia GmbH now manufactures television sets at its own plant in Turkey. The high-end appliances produced there are still developed and overseen by engineers from Germany.


April 2008
The Vision 4 and Vision 7 have been added to the Vision LCD TV range.
The screen sizes are 32’’/81cm, 37’’/94 cm and 42’’/107 cm respectively.

June 2008
Audiorama is back!
A cult object of the seventies has returned: the Grundig Audiorama 9000 spherical loudspeakers. The four loudspeaker systems in a spherical housing were not only an entirely new sound experience, but also a prized design object. To celebrate Max Grundig's 100th birthday in 2008, the legendary loudspeakers have returned to the product range with new technology and a modernised design.





MPaxx 920/940
Once you´re connected, you'll never want to be without it again. Grundig audio portables are musical accompaniment for any situation in life. Whether you are at the bus-stop, the swimming pool or on the train – the right music always makes you in a better mood.
And of course in a great variety of colours – MPaxx 920/MPaxx 940.



Internet radios
Our web radios offer an completely new dimension in entertainment. Using a WLAN connection, not only can you access an unlimited range of more than 11,000 online radio stations, but also the music stored on your PC. And Ovation 2i even allows you to enjoy this unlimited range in Magic Fidelity quality, Grundig’s unique sound system.
Several thousand broadcasting stations from all over the world offer their programmes on
the World Wide Web. Whatever your taste in music, or whatever your mood or interests – there is sure to be a station that suits you. With its WLAN-compatible audio products, Grundig enables you to receive radio stations from the WWW without a PC: on-site LAN or WLAN is enough.

Vision 6 ECO
Today’s televisions use far less energy than they did ten years ago. However, every kilowatt saved is kind on your purse and the environment. That’s why especially energy-saving panels have been used in the Vision 6 ECO. The results are plain to see:
The Vision 6 ECO, in normal TV mode, consumes up to 48 percent less energy than a comparable standard LCD TV and the Vision 6 ECO’s mere 0.1 watt in stand-by mode is far below the usual values.

Vision 9
You have never watched TV or heard sound this way before. Due to an integrated sound projector with 16 speakers, GRUNDIG Vision 9 models deliver a perfect sound experience to accompany your razor-sharp pictures. Full-HD resolution and 100 hertz in combination with Motion Picture Improvement technology create a brilliant picture free from motion blur. Viewing pleasure is perfected by the “24p Movie Mode” and the true-to-the-original replay of all feature films with 24 images per second.

Fine Arts LED
Fine Arts is back as the expression of new exclusivity. For this LCD TV  combines high-end technology with an extravagant design. The LED backlighting technology heralds the new generation of high-end television technology: Television pictures that are more natural than ever before, with brilliant colour reproduction, maximum picture sharpness and an unusually high contrast factor. In addition, the new LED technology allows for an extremely slim housing depth of just 3.7 cm. And the elegant surface in brushed aluminium, together with
its glass stand, accentuates the clear and timeless character of this Fine Arts TV set.